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Teeth Whitening Kit with Led Light
Teeth Whitening Kit with Led Light
Teeth Whitening Kit with Led Light

Teeth Whitening Kit with Led Light


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Convenient, Superior Teeth Whitening Solution at the Comfort of Your Home!

Whiten your teeth at the convenience of your home with our high-quality Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light. You do not need to make an appointment with your dentist when all you want to do is remove stains from caffeine, nicotine, or tea. Our teeth whitening solution is proven to be effective. Experience 2 to 8 shade whiter teeth when you use our complete kit for whiter, brighter teeth, and more beautiful smile.

Our teeth whitening treatment is suitable for:

  1. People who have age-related yellow teeth, gray, and black teeth.
  2. People with yellow, gray, and black teeth due to drinking soda, coffee and tea, and smoking cigarette.
  3. People who want to whiten their teeth.


Our Teeth Whitening Kit includes gel syringes and an accelerator LED light bulb. This light bulb speeds up the whitening process during your own whitening session at your home. Each gel is 3 ml. and the kit includes 3 sticks.

Teeth Whitening Kit Features

Clinically Proven Results – Our teeth stain removal treatment is scientifically proven to help remove stains from your teeth, giving you whiter teeth and brighter smile.

Recommended by Dentists – Professionals in the dental care industry promote this new and improved technology because of how effective it is in whitening teeth. It is a gentle at-home treatment that dentists use and trust.

Express Treatment – In just 30 minutes, you can take advantage of the visible results of this treatment. The use of our teeth whitening kit is only for ONCE A DAY for 30 MINUTES. You can see how fast and effective it can remove that stubborn soda, tea, coffee, wine and smoking stains.

Fits-All Mouth Tray – You need not worry about size fitting. Our teeth whitening treatment includes a mouth tray that require no boiling or molding. It can fit any mouth and can reach both the top and bottom teeth comfortably for any person.



Safe and Hygienic Storage – Our complete kit includes a traycase for hygienic storing of the mouth tray.  


Made for Sensitive Teeth – For those who have bad experiences with traditional peroxide whitening methods because they have sensitive teeth, this treatment is best for you! Our kit is made of organic, natural antiseptic which ensures that you feel comfortable, and it also tastes better.



Easy Do-It-Yourself Teeth Whitening Treatment


Instructions are very simple. Just pop the tray in your mouth, then fit it properly in your teeth, switch on the button for the LED light, close your mouth, then chill for 30 minutes each day. For best and full whitening results, use it for 7 to 10 days.


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